Estate Planning for Small Business Owners and S Corporations with No Employees

Estate Planning for Small Business Owners and S Corporations with No Employees

Allen Barron provides tax and estate planning for small business owners and S Corporations without employees as part of our integrated tax, legal, estate planning, accounting and business advisory services.  Many small business owners mistakenly believe business succession planning and estate planning is for those with substantial wealth.  This is simply a myth which does […]

Ignorance of IRS FBAR Reporting is Not a Defense

Our offices have handled many cases recently of foreign nationals and spouses with offshore accounts and assets who were not aware of their IRS FBAR reporting requirements.  Unfortunately ignorance of IRS FBAR reporting is not a defense and the IRS is ruthlessly pursuing huge penalties and interest for those who the agency believes are claiming […]

Strong and Experienced Legal Counsel for San Diego Businesses

Allen Barron provides strong and experienced legal counsel for San Diego businesses and business owners.  Our unique integrated service offering provides a one-stop source for any business related matter.  The integrated legal, tax, accounting, estate planning and business advisory services ensure you receive a complete answer to your questions, opportunities and challenges which can be integrated throughout […]

Taxation of Pass Through Income Versus Salaried Earnings

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the taxation of pass through income versus salaried earnings as US taxpayers assess their positions after tax reform.  This is far from “finished” and a wild roller-coaster ride is about to ensue for many US taxpayers.  How will you know what to do?  One simple concept from the […]

IRS and Bitcoin – Do Crypto Currencies Need to be Reported on the FBAR

The IRS believes that virtual currencies such have Bitcoin have become a tool in tax evasion, and the agency is signalling more enforcement actions and IRS audits in the coming months.  The real question many crypto currency investors must consider is do crypto currencies need to be reported on the FBAR and how will the […]

The 20 Percent Deduction for Pass Through Income

The tax bill presented for the President’s signature contains the 20 Percent Deduction for pass through income for the majority of US partnerships, S-Corporations and sole proprietorships.  Under existing tax law, business profits were passed through to the individual and taxed at their personal income rate.  The top individual income tax rate has been lowered […]

The Interwoven Nature of Business Tax Legal and Accounting Issues

The interwoven nature of business tax legal and accounting issues requires an integrated business service provider such as Allen Barron.  Our clients value the ability to bring the problems, challenges and opportunities to the table and discuss them with experts across the legal, tax, accounting and business advisory spectrum.  They leave that initial meeting with […]

New Tax Plan Presents Challenges for IRS Auditors

The new tax plan presents challenges for IRS auditors as we all await the final draft of tax reform legislation in Washington.  The primary concern centers around the ability of wealthy US taxpayers to “reap massive windfalls” by simply reclassifying income as “pass-through business income.”  The most recent “final” plan reduces income from pass-through business […]

New Integrated Legal Tax Accounting and Business Advisory Services White Paper

Allen Barron has recently published a new integrated legal tax accounting and business advisory services white paper detailing the issues business owners, executives, officers and directors face going forward in 2018 and how integrated services provide greater insight into today’s business challenges and opportunities.  The new white paper “Allen Barron Integrated Business Services” can be […]

Tax and Estate Planning for Blended Families in San Diego

Allen Barron provides tax and estate planning for blended families in San Diego and throughout the Southwest United States.  The percentage of second and third marriages has substantially increased over the past few decades, and blended families have become a normal part of life here in San Diego.  There are many things to consider when […]

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