Integrated Services for the Business Life Cycle

Integrated Services for the Business Life Cycle

Allen Barron provides integrated services for the business life cycle here in San Diego and throughout the Southwest United States.  What is the life cycle of a business and how does this affect your strategy going forward?  How do recent developments on capital hill affect business planning for 2018? The life cycle of any business […]

S-Corporation Shareholders Should Understand IRS Strategies for Compensation Audits

One of the primary targets for IRS audits is S-Corporation compensation.  S-Corporation shareholders should understand IRS strategies for compensation audits and work with Allen Barron to reduce these risks while minimizing tax and maximizing income opportunities.  One of the most contentious issues is “reasonable compensation.”  The IRS guidelines specifically state: “S corporations must pay reasonable […]

Even If Washington Raises the Estate Tax Exemption to $10 Million You Should Still Have a Trust

Even if Washington raises the estate tax exemption to $10 Million you should still have a trust, especially if you are a home owner.  Why?  The short answer is time, money and saving a lot of hassle for your loved ones, heirs and beneficiaries. Raising the exemption on federal estate tax to $10 Million would […]

California EDD is Still Targeting Independent Contractor Misclassification

The California EDD is still targeting independent contractor misclassification and seeking substantial tax revenue from San Diego and California employers.  While the federal agencies may have seemed to relax based upon administration policies, the California agencies are making this a primary focus.  If you have 1099 workers or independent contractors as part of your business […]

US Expats a New IRS Target for FBAR Violations

What makes US expats a new IRS target for FBAR violations and undisclosed offshore assets?  The IRS is instituting a new whistle-blower campaign for those who might help US expats and other US taxpayer clients.  Allen Barron provides attorney-client protections for those who are working on the disclosure of foreign bank accounts, investments and assets […]

California Homeowners are in Washington’s Tax Overhaul Crosshairs

California homeowners are in Washington’s tax overhaul crosshairs if the proposed tax bill became law today.  The proposed tax reform would eliminate mortgage deductions for loans above $500,000 according to the Wall Street Journal which could have a substantial impact on California real estate markets.  Here in San Diego 37% of home sales involve a […]

Why so many Business Owners Under Value Accounting

It is a mystery why so many business owners under value accounting and the profound financial impact it can have on your business operations and profit.  Effective accounting strategies reduce tax exposure and provide the critical data necessary to prevent or defend against an IRS or California tax audit.  Of course they capture information for […]

Failure to Comply with IRS FBAR Reporting Requirements Part of Manafort Indictment

The failure to comply with IRS FBAR reporting requirements was part of the recent Manafort indictment, but it doesn’t just apply to the wealthy or powerful.  The failure to fully and accurately disclose offshore bank accounts, investments, assets and real property is a challenge for many US taxpayers, and the window to come into FBAR […]

Could the New Tax Bill Allow Repatriation of Offshore Funds

Could the new tax bill allow repatriation of offshore funds at a lower tax rate?  It is believed that US non-financial companies have almost $2 Trillion (yes, Trillion with a “T”) and 70% of that money is located overseas as US corporations structured companies and transactions to move income to lower tax regimes around the […]

Leverage Your Corporate Intellectual Property to Increase Revenue

Are you searching for ways to gain access to new markets and increased opportunity?  One option is to leverage your corporate intellectual property to increase revenue and profitability.  Intellectual Property (IP) includes trademarks, patents, copyrights and any form of unique invention or processes including but not limited to logos, brands, slogans, original video or musical […]

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