Trust and Estate Planning for San Diego Business Owners

Trust and Estate Planning for San Diego Business Owners

Trust and estate planning for San Diego business owners requires integrated legal, tax, estate planning and accounting expertise.  There are many issues which you as a business owner should take into account when developing plans to protect assets and the beneficial interests of a spouse, loved ones and the causes which are important to you. […]

California Waters Edge Election Provides Needed Protections

The California waters edge election provides needed protections for national and international companies with business in the State of California.  This important tax strategy is currently threatened by new legislation known as Senate Bill 567.  The bill entitled the “Millionaire Tax Accountability Act” was recently proposed to close several “popular loopholes” for corporations and wealthy […]

Integrated Legal and Contract Work Supports Tax and Other Important Business Services

Our integrated legal and contract work supports tax, accounting and other important business services Allen Barron provides to its clients.  Legal services include everything from business contracts to employment law compliance, from intellectual property to business succession planning.  Legal services are required at every step of The Business Life Cycle from business formation through growth and expansion.  Ultimately, […]

New Partnership IRS Audit Rules Will Change the Game

Is your LLC or partnership ready?  The new partnership IRS audit rules will change the game for many LLCs and partnerships.  LLCs and partnerships will be forced to handle IRS audits differently in the future, and Allen Barron is prepared to help you to weather the coming storm. The new partnership IRS audit rules will […]

Avoid the DOL and IRS Audit Focus on Independent Contractors

How can you avoid the US Department of Labor or DOL and IRS audit focus on independent contractors and 1099 workers?  What do you need to know about the new definitions of an independent contractor based upon the so-called “Darden Factors” and the “Economic Realities” standards?  Why should you be concerned about employee misclassification as a […]

Integrated Services Provide Insight Into Corporate Tax Reform

Integrated services provide insight into corporate tax reform as Allen Barron helps our clients to analyze and implement strategy based upon tax, legal and business issues and opportunities.  No one knows for sure what reforms are coming from Capital Hill.  The consensus hints at a “once-in-a-generation” overhaul and reduction in corporate tax rates.  This will obviously […]

The Value of Integrated Services to International Businesses

What is the value of integrated services to international businesses?  Allen Barron provides integrated legal, tax, business advisory and accounting services to local, regional, national and international businesses.  The integration of these services reduces the cost paid to separate vendors while providing a higher-level broader perspective to problem solving, planning and strategic decision making. Presently, […]

What is Important to Know about an IRS Audit in San Diego

What is important to know about an IRS audit in San Diego and how can Allen Barron improve your outcome and save you money?  Most US taxpayers are surprised to learn it is up to you to prove you have followed US tax code and tax filing laws.  The burden of proof is on you […]

The Importance of a Well Crafted Business Contract

What is the importance of a well crafted business contract and why should you have important contracts reviewed?  The short answer is time, money and liability.  The reality of today’s business contracts is many are drafted by the parties themselves.  This is a recipe for disputes, litigation and at best lost profit and opportunity.  Download […]

Protecting Your Home from a Medi-Cal Lien

Protecting your home from a Medi-Cal lien is possible based upon a new California law which took effect January 1 of this year.  Previously, California’s Medi-Cal program was able to recover money from people who were 55 years or older who received medical services under agency programs.  If the family of the Medi-Cal recipient was […]

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