IRS Announces an End to Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programs

IRS Announces an End to Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programs

As the IRS announces an end to Offshore Voluntary Disclosure programs associated with the reporting of offshore bank accounts, investments and assets, US taxpayers are urged to come into compliance with IRS FBAR reporting or face steep fines and criminal prosecution.  The IRS announced yesterday it will bring the 2014 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program or […]

Tax Preparation for S Corporation Shareholders

Tax preparation for S Corporation shareholders is quite complicated.  While there are substantial advantages for many owners or shareholders of an S-Corporation there are also substantial risks which can lead to an IRS audit.  Corporations which elect subchapter S tax status allow income to pass through to the shareholders to be taxed at an individual […]

Overseas Bank Accounts Could Cost You $100,000 or More

If you are a US taxpayer, including foreign nationals who live and work in the United States you need to take notice.  Overseas bank accounts could cost you $100,000 or more in penalties and interest if the aggregate balance of your offshore accounts exceeds $10,000 at any point in the tax year.  Our office has […]

What is a Derivative Lawsuit

What is a derivative lawsuit and when is this an effective strategy to resolve shareholder disputes?  Are you concerned about the direction of a corporation in which you own a minority position?  Are the majority shareholders, executives and Directors leading the business in the wrong direction or making decisions which adversely affect the value of […]

What Most Californians Need to Understand about Tax Reform

While the actual tax code relating to the new tax reform bill is still be written there are some key takeaways most Californians need to understand about tax reform and specific deductions going forward.  In a nutshell, be prepared to have less deductions and therefore ultimately pay a larger amount to the IRS.  The two primary […]

Resolving LLC Member Disputes in San Diego

Are you searching for a firm wish experience resolving LLC member disputes in San Diego in a cost-effective and timely manner?  The dispute resolution and litigation team at Allen Barron consists of experienced and proven attorneys with extensive trial expertise.  We understand.  A long and expensive trial is what you are trying to avoid.  However, […]

Additional Information on Pass Through Business Income Deductions in the New Tax Reform

We are constantly asked for additional information on pass through business income deductions in the new tax reform package.  While new tax laws have yet to be formally published, there has been a significant change for those who file as a partner, member or sole proprietor which receives income from a pass through entity such […]

Allen Barron Works to Resolve San Diego Business Disputes

Allen Barron works to resolve San Diego business disputes in an efficient and timely way.  If you are in business it is only a matter of time before you will become involved in a business dispute or lawsuit.  Lawsuits and disputes distract you from focusing upon the profitable management of your business, and threaten to […]

Is Bitcoin Triggering IRS FBAR Reporting Requirements?

Is your investment in a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin triggering IRS FBAR reporting requirements for your tax return?  What are the potential penalties for failing to disclose your bitcoin holdings, especially if they are housed in an offshore exchange?  if you have amassed more than $10,000 in your digital wallet or an account in an offshore […]

Resolving Breach of Contract Disputes in San Diego

Resolving breach of contract disputes in San Diego requires legal skill, expertise and the seasoning of experience.  Breach of contract cases are actually legally quite complex.  Allen Barron’s commercial and business litigation team represents those who are victims of a breach and defends those who are accused of breaching a contractual agreement. The party who […]

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