Forensic Accounting and Divorce Tax Advice for San Diego

Forensic Accounting and Divorce Tax Advice for San Diego

Are you searching for forensic accounting and divorce tax advice in San Diego?  Are you concerned your former spouse has not fully disclosed the true nature and value of all accounts, assets and liabilities required by California law?  Are you concerned about tax liabilities concerning the division of community property, transition of retirement accounts and […]

Business Contracts Ensure Successful Outcomes

Well crafted business contracts ensure successful outcomes while reducing or eliminating risk of disputes or litigation.  Allen Barron’s business contract attorneys work with our clients to carefully craft strong agreements which clearly establish every aspect of the transaction while providing for the resolution of any dispute which might arise during the course of the underlying […]

Legal Services for any San Diego Business

Allen Barron provides full legal services for any San Diego business need.  Our skilled and experienced business attorneys provide full service legal representation and and business related legal services for every stage in the The Life Cycle of a Business.  We work with start-ups and new business formation to select the appropriate entity and develop […]

The August Deadline for Prop 65 Compliance is Quickly Approaching

The August deadline for Prop 65 compliance is quickly approaching and San Diego businesses are still working to understand their obligations under this complex law and the actions they should take in the next 45 days.  If your business has 10 or more employees and participates in the production, manufacturing, distribution, online sales or retail […]

IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program Ends in September

The IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program ends in September and US taxpayers have a limited time to take advantage of the OVDP to avoid criminal exposure while coming into compliance with FBAR reporting requirements.  Acting IRS Commissioner David Kautter stated the six month notification would allow “those who still wish to come forward time to […]

A Notification of Audit from the IRS is Serious Business in 2018

While the number of audits conducted by the IRS has dropped in recent years, the agency is focusing its resources on audit targets which will produce revenue for the US Treasury.  This is why a notification of audit from the IRS is serious business in 2018.  If you have been contacted by the IRS it […]

Pursuing Violations of Fiduciary Duty in San Diego

Are you looking for an experienced legal and financial team with experience pursuing violations of fiduciary duty in San Diego?  Many executives, board members and officers have the obligation to act in the best interest of the company or corporation known as a “fiduciary duty.”  The fiduciary duty exists when a special degree of expertise, […]

Shareholder Dispute Resolution Options in San Diego

Are you involved in a shareholder dispute?  What are some of the most effective shareholder dispute resolution options in San Diego?  If you are a minority shareholder and are concerned about asserting your rights against oppressive majority stakeholders the experienced business litigation attorneys at Allen Barron can provide options and sound counsel.  The fastest and […]

Substantial Decision in Prop 65 Appeal Highlights Risk for Businesses

The substantial recent decision in a Prop 65 appeal highlights risk for businesses under California’s Proposition 65 as it applies to the upcoming deadline to come into compliance with clear and reasonable warning labels.  In the case of “Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation v. Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment” the primary issue was the level […]

Major Change in California Independent Contractor Misclassification Law

There has been a major change in California independent contractor misclassification law as the result of a recent decision by the California Supreme Court.  The ramifications of the decision in this case will be challenging for many San Diego business owners and employers to accept and implement.  The new laws resulting from this decision create […]

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