Consider the Tax Ramifications of Your San Diego Divorce

Consider the Tax Ramifications of Your San Diego Divorce

While many people are obviously concerned about core issues such as child custody and parenting time and support payments, you should consider the tax ramifications of your San Diego divorce before signing a settlement agreement.  Allen Barron’s seasoned tax attorneys and accounting professionals work with your family law or divorce attorney to ensure that any settlement […]

San Diego Executors and Trustees are Personally Liable

San Diego executors and trustees are personally liable for their actions during the administration of an estate or trust.  When you are asked by a friend or family member to serve as the executor of their will or as a trustee it is perhaps one of the greatest compliments one can receive.  It is a […]

The IRS Wrongfully Seized Millions from Legal Business

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has found the Criminal Investigation Unit of the IRS wrongfully seized millions from legal business entities and individuals.  The investigation was opened after several complaints were filed in 2014 regarding IRS seizures of property or bank levies without evidence of a crime. TIGTA’s audit found that a […]

IRS Audits Focused Upon OVDP Declines and Withdrawls

A new IRS Large Business & International (LB&I) campaign targets US taxpayers for IRS audits focused upon OVDP declines and withdrawls from the FBAR related program.  Once the IRS implemented FATCA based regulations and the associated Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) requirements US taxpayers were required to disclose all offshore bank accounts and assets to […]

Increased IRS Scrutiny of Cross-Border Transfer Pricing Issues

San Diego businesses face increased IRS scrutiny of cross-border transfer pricing issues thanks to a new IRS LB&I audit campaign.  The IRS has mobilized several specialists with extensive international business expertise into a team under their Large Business and International (LB&I) audit division.  This IRS audit team is targeting small, mid-size and large business entities […]

IRS Audit Campaigns

The LB&I IRS audit campaigns are a targeted combination of resources and expertise focused upon 13 separate areas.  The IRS Large Business & International Group (LB&I) has established the following teams: IRC 48C Energy Credit Campaign – This campaign ensures that only those taxpayers whose advanced energy projects were approved by the Department of Energy, […]

The Two Forms of California Income Tax Audits

There are two forms of California income tax audits – those originated by the State of California, and those based upon another agency’s audit such as the IRS.  This second form of audit, often referred to as a “Piggy-Back Audit” is one of the most hazardous and unexpected challenges faced by California taxpayers.  The important […]

Experienced San Diego Tax Attorney for Domestic and International Business

San Diego is uniquely positioned for a local, regional, national or multi-national business or corporation.  Janathan Allen is an experienced San Diego tax attorney for domestic and international business interests.  With decades of experience, Ms. Allen advises LLCs, S-Corporations, Professional Corporations and C-Corporations and those with multiple corporate entities as they work to minimize tax […]

Are You Looking for an Experienced San Diego IRS Tax Attorney

Are you facing an IRS audit, bank levy or wage garnishment?  Are you looking for an experienced San Diego IRS tax attorney who can stand up to the IRS and protect your interests?  The experienced IRS tax attorneys at Allen Barron have decades of experience protecting business clients and individuals from the formidable powers of […]

How Should You Handle a Mistake on Your IRS Tax Return

What if you’ve discovered errors or omissions on your IRS tax return?  How should you handle a mistake on your IRS tax return and subsequent communications from the IRS?  It is not uncommon for the IRS to catch a simple math error on a US tax return.  In many cases, the system will simply correct […]

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